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Trangia Spirit Burner Factory New
  • Manufacturer: Trangia
  • Product Code: Trangia Spirit Burner
  • Availability: In Stock


The factory new Trangia Burners have a crimped connection that sometimes leaks if fuel is store in the burner. If you want to store fuel in the burner, we would recommend purchasing the solder sealed version.

The Trangia Spirit Burner is the most versatile and user friendly alcohol burner on the market. Besides having a track record of reliable service that spans decades, it also has a couple of uniquely useful features. The simmer ring allows the burner to adjust from full to simmer and extinguishes the flame when closed completely. The twist on cap with o-ring seals the burner so you don't have to empty unused fuel between uses and prevents evaporation - less fuel wasted means less fuel you have to carry. Includes burner, simmer ring, and cap w/ o-ring.



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