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Oilskin & Wool Ground Cloth
  • Manufacturer: Bushcraft Spain
  • Product Code: GRDCLTH
  • Availability: In Stock


This ground cloth is an amazing addition to the equipment that any bushcrafter, camper, outdoorsman, or nature lover needs. This functional vintage 2m x 1,5m (6’6″x 4’5″) oilskin ground sheet stands up well against wet and dirty ground, 4 tie-outs for use as a compact tarp and also features a 80% wool 20% cashmere lining, which makes it a wonderful cape, bed roll, blanket, sitting, sleeping or working area.

Oilskin is naturally water and fire resistant, and its wool lining has very similar properties, also being able to act as an emergency rain-proof outer layer. It works wonderfully as a water resistant cover for our 100% Merino Wool Blanket, the two together will be very handy as an Eco-Friendly basic bed roll. Say hello to open skies camping from the comfort of your camp!

Regarding the GEN2 Ground cloth:
We switched to a denser 80% wool 20% cashmere fabric for the lining.
The shell is 100% organic waxed cotton, resistant to water.
Weight: 1,75kg (3.8lb)
We added 4 tie outs, one per corner, in the manner of those that are in the tarp. That way the product will be even more versatile! Ground sheet, throw blanket, makeshift shelter, bed roll, cape…

Made in Spain By Bushcraft Spain

  • Main colour: Mountain brown Oilskin, Forest Green Wool Lining
  • Reinforced and sturdy Oilskin fabric.
  • 4 tie outs, one on each corner!
  • Materials: Oilskin canvas, 80% wool and 20% Cashmere.
  • Dimensions: 2 x 1,5 meters (6’6″x 4’5″).
  • Total Weight: 1,75kg (3.8lb)


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