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Firebox Ultra Cook Kit - 8 Inch Small
  • Product Code: Firebox Ultra Cook Kit - 8 Inch Small
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Ultra Versatile, Lightweight, Durable & Can Be Seasoned! Yes, Just Like Cast Iron!

I've been interested in alternatives to non-stick coatings and I love my cast iron cookware... well other than it's too darn heavy. Hard anodized aluminum makes perfect sense, It conducts heat extremely well, it's very abrasion resistant and it's micro structure is perfect to accept a seasoning!  It comes with everything you need in a convenient compact system,  everything nests perfectly and comes in an abrasion resistant 500 wt nylon case. Much more useful than traditional camping cook kits. Use it as a Dutch Oven, it's a pro quality sauté pan and the pie pan makes a great plate! 

Rather than a heavy folding handle I designed a universal light weight handle / pot gripper that works with both the pie pan and the sauté pan not to mention your other pots, pans and stainless steel water bottles!

Included in the Firebox Ultra Cook Kit: premium hard anodized pie pan, professional grade hard anodized fry pan, 500 wt nylon carrying case with para cord closure, and removable handle (pot gripper). Optional add on item: Cutting board (small to fit down in the pie pan OR large to fit up on the rim of the pie pan). 

Weight of Kit: 1lb 3 oz

Inside height with Pie Tin on Fry Pan: 3 1/4 inches. 

The aluminum is behind a ceramic layer of aluminum oxide (very hard and durable) aloong with your natural oil seasoning so it never comes into contact with your food.

        How to Season Hard Anodized Aluminum:

  1. Wash with mild soap and water with a soft cloth, dry thoroughly.
  2. Lightly coat with canola oil.
  3. Place upside down on an oven rack for 40 minutes at 400 degrees Fahrenheit (204 Celsius).
  4. Your ready to fry your first egg. Repeating this process will renew or thicken your seasoning layer. 



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