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Silnylon: Shelter / Hammock / Ground Cloth


  • Use this shelter as a poncho, hammock, ground cover or shelter. 

  • Has snaps so poncho quilt accessories can be attached. 

  • Shelter is 9’X5’ and has 12 tie out tabs. 

The Shelter is just like the Poncho minus the hood, so it can be used as a hammock, as a shelter from rain or sun over the hammock, or as a tarp for the ground. This is ideal when you already have a poncho and want something else that can be used as hammock or canopy. Shelter has snaps so poncho quilt accessories can be attached. There are 12 tie out tabs and it is 9'X5'. 


Material: Silnylon ripstop.

Color: Coyote brown.


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