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Your companion for charging on the go. This lightweight and durable charger is perfect for your next..
Lightest weight, most comfortable pillow for any need. I've gone without a pillow, choosing to use a..
This is an awesome Fire fuse / wick.  Each tube contains 8 wicks. It is made by Epiphany Outdoo..
FeaturesTouch-sensitive housing lets you transition between full and dimmed power with the tap of yo..
One high-quality clay palm rock for bow drill fire starting. 2.5 inches wide by almost an inch thick..
This is the coffee grinder I have had many requests for - since its the one I have used in my videos..
The Dromedary Bag is a great solution to backcountry water storage- engineered to endure the abuse o..

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500W Mega Capacity Portable Generator with 11 Assorted USB and Plug OutletsTOP PORTABLE GENERATOR: L..
BlejaThe Bleja has been in development for over 3-years, taking time to perfect a new locking mechan..
Named after the Didi Galgalu Desert in Northern Kenya, seen by many as the last frontier of Africa. ..
DokkaFolding knife.The Dokka knife is a classic all-purpose folding knife and in fact the first Hell..
HardingThe Harding is a traditional barrel handle hunting knife.The beautiful, warm handle is made f..
Saga SiglarHelle is proud to release the Saga Siglar Knife based on the historical Viking utility kn..
Temagami LaminatedA wilderness knife, updated design 2012The semi-full tang provides the extra stren..

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This new case fits perfectly over the Klean Kanteen and Nalgene water bottles we carry. It is made f..
Hiking pole fitted with three-section foldable shaft for quick storage.Ultra-compact dimensions, onl..
The Shelter is just like the Poncho minus the hood, so it can be used as a hammock, as a shelter fro..
Grill to be used as an smoker grill (or whatever you may decide to use it as)Smoked meat is so delic..
This is a pre-order for the grill to be used as an smoker grill (or whatever you may decide to use i..
Keep spoon and fork attached for cooking or serving, then enjoy the meal with the spoon and fork det..
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