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International Shipping Policy

We use a tiered flat rate system based on order weight that calculates our shipping correctly 95% of the time. We subsidize the actual shipping costs up to $20. In some cases the website overcharges or undercharges for shipping -  As a standard practice, we always refund the difference back to the customer when it is overcharged.  We do reserve the right to invoice if shipping costs exceed the amount paid plus the subsidized amount we will cover.  We do not charge a handling fee for website orders and we do not make a profit or income from shipping.


  • USPS ($9 +): Generally 6 - 20 day delivery 

INTERNATIONAL (To a destination outside of North America)

Our international shipping rates are very competitive but international shipping can be expensive.  Some countries cost more to ship to than others, therefore we reserve the right to invoice customers for additional shipping costs above the website rates.  Taxes and duties are not included with the shipping rates, and will be charged to the customer at the time of import into your country.

  • FedEx 3-15 day delivery ($20 +)
  • USPS ($14 + ): 10 - 30 day delivery 
  • Note: Depending on your location outside the United States, additional mail handling charges, customs fees, duties and taxes may apply. Please check with your local customs office.