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The 5" Firebox G2 Master Kit Includes: 5" Folding Firebox Stove ..
$124.99 $148.87

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Thanks to the feedback from our awesome customers I've been able to add several ne..
$89.99 $97.95
Several of the many possible Firebox setups require four Fire Sticks. Insert the Fire Sti..
The Adjustable Fire Grate fits down into the Firebox resting on the Firesticks in a vari..
The 5" Extended Grill Plate is as wide as the Firebox is tall, giving you more grilling versat..
Attaches to the top of the Firebox creating a great grilling surface for outdoor cooking (Not ..
Clips securely onto the top of the Folding Firebox camping stove, converting the Firebox into an eff..
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