Hard Top Custom Overlanding Table

Hard Top Custom Overlanding Table

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  • Stable regardless of ground conditions.

  • Retractable leg for extra support.

  • Fits most tire sizes 14" and up.

  • If your fender is extremely close to the tire, it may not fit.

  • No tools required for installation.

  • No hitch required.

  • Installs within seconds.

  • Flat surface top by epicurean board, includes level bubble

  • All parts come with and are stored on the table, including t-bolts.

Custom top with a smooth flat surface makes this even more ideal. Note that this surface will bubble and burn if using a Firebox on top of it, which is why I made a Gypsum Fiber Board as an insulator between the table and Firebox (available separately).

When every inch of space in your rig matters, the Overlanding Table is a must have. It folds up flat with all pieces secured, so you can tuck it away without wasting valuable space. Because there is no hitch required, The Overlanding Table is perfect for tailgating, car camping & roadside picnics. Can be used on all tires including the rear spare.

There are 2 small legs that rest up against the tire and an additional center extendable leg to allow for extra support and can be straight, angled or not used at all. The rear support slider goes over and behind the tire and the small legs press against the tire which allows the table to cantilever off the tire.

Works regardless of flat or uneven ground, and creates a sturdy,  usable surface area anytime you need it with the extendable leg!

NOTE: Shipping to Alaska and Hawaii will incur an additional $40 shipping fee to be billed separately. (Total shipping cost around $90). These tables can also ship Internationally however there will be an additional shipping charge. Additional import costs may be charged at the time of delivery. 

Epicurean cutting board burn notice:

The Epicurean cutting board material does NOT withstand the high heat of a wood / charcoal burning stove. Because this is a limited-edition product, we will not have the ability to replace tops that have been burned or otherwise damaged. If you would like to use a wood-burning stove on your Epicurean topped table a non-flammable heat shield will be necessary.

In testing I have learned that a heat shield needs to be quite substantial, at minimum 1/4" cement / gypsum fiberboard (with felt pads to create an air gap between) does the trick (as long as the ashtray of the 5" Firebox Stove is in place). More substantial protection would include such things as bricks, rocks, landscaping blocks etc…

Also, note that a hot coal falling onto the Epicurean material will cause a permanent blemish. Another thing that I've learned in using Epicurean cutting boards over the years is that avoiding serrated knives will help your cutting board stay new-looking much longer.

**Prolonged direct contact by hot coals or burning wood will damage both the gypsum fiberboard platform as well as the surface below.

Weight: 18 lbs.

Dimensions: 23" W x 29" L x 1.5" thick.

NOTE: Can hold up to 50 lbs.