Hakata Spice - 110g

Hakata Spice - 110g

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  • Unique and excellent taste.
  • Works great on steaks, chicken fish and vegetables.
  • Soy sauce spice mix.

Hakata Spice, a soy sauce spice mix originally from Hakata, Japan. This spice contains a special soy sauce powder with many different spices and herbs to create a unique and excellent taste. You can add a delicious flavor to anything by seasoning with Hakata Spice, such as steaks, chicken, fish and vegetables. 

Ingredients: Salt, Pepper, Soy sauce, Fried garlic, Garlic, Garlic powder, Red bell pepper, Paprika, Coriander, Onion powder, Green bell pepper, Parsley, Chilli, Marjoram, Oregano, Basil, Nutmeg / Seasoning (Amino acids etc. ), (including wheat and soybeans as part of raw material).

Net Weight: 110 g

Hakata Spice shown at 5:50 in video.