Leather & Wood Beeswax Conditioning Balm

Leather & Wood Beeswax Conditioning Balm

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  • Product Code: Leather & Wood Beeswax Conditioning Balm
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These are hand made and will ship in June with the balance of your order. (This item will hold your entire order until they're available)

Each tin is handmade in America & formulated from pure beeswax with a special blend of five premium natural waxes & oils. It has added vitamin E and tea leaf oil for its anti-bacterial properties. Contains no animal products and is totally chemical free and non toxic so it is safe to use around children and on food utensils. Can be applied to the item with either your fingers or a soft cloth.

Suitable for use on all unvarnished wooden items & smooth leathers (not suede). It will seal and protect the wood, maximising the grain colour and pattern while leaving a natural satin sheen. Used on leather it will soften, feed and condition, helping to prevent the leather from drying out and eventually cracking. It will also help to repel water.

Apply sparingly to the leather or wood using a soft cloth. Leave it to penetrate for up to 30 minutes or longer before buffing off the excess with a clean soft cloth. Repeat if required. As with all conditioners, it may darken leather. Always test on a small area first.

Weight: 1oz.