Shallow Camp Plate - Large

Shallow Camp Plate - Large

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  • Manufacturer: Folding Firebox
  • Product Code: Camp Plate - Large
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Our premium pans are hard anodized inside and out so you get the cooking performance of aluminum's excellent heat conducting properties yet your food is in contact with a highly conductive scratch resistant ceramic layer which tolerates very high temperatures and has the perfect micro structure to accept a seasoning.

Our Universal Pan Lifters make it so you can use your pie plate as a second frypan.

10" Plate (actual overall size 11").  Nests inside cowboy plate and/or large frypan.  0.5" deep Weight: 7 oz. 

Disclaimer: Inherent to the manufacturing process, there are unavoidable cosmetic marks on the rim (outside edge) of the Cowboy plates.  This does not affect usage or long term durability and we feel it is worth it to have the hard anodizing finish inside and out.

This product is not dishwasher safe - hand wash only.