Carbon Felt for X-Case

Carbon Felt for X-Case

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  • Manufacturer: Folding Firebox
  • Product Code: FB-CFXCASE
  • Availability: In Stock

  • Windscreen and ash catcher.

  • Can be used as a hot pad.

  • Solves portable stoves sinking in sand or soil.

This is cut to fit in the X-Case for the Nano, and can be used with L-Pins (sold separately) to form a wind-screen. This is 16 oz. heat resistant Carbon Felt, useful as an ash catcher (for non-flammable and non-damageable surfaces only). Can be used as a hot pad and it also solves the problem that portable stoves have of sinking into soft soil or sand.

We weren’t out to make something to withstand high winds since a wood fire in high winds is a bad idea regardless of your windscreen. For the amount of wind, which I feel is still safe (to have a wood fire) the Carbon Felt as a wind block works great. If you add the flame guard (sold separately) on the other side it works even better.

Note: Direct contact with flames or hot coals will degrade this material.

Inserting L-Pins into Carbon Felt: 

  1. On the long side of the Carbon Felt pinch the material between your thumb and index finger. 

  2. Using the L-Pins twist and gently push the pins into the Carbon Felt slowly so you do not poke it through the side walls. 

  3. Slide the pins into the Carbon Felt until L part of pin is completely inserted. 

  4. Use the same holes in the Carbon Felt each time you insert the pins until the spot is worn and then create new holes. 

Note: See video below for more demonstration on how this is done.

Weight: Approx. 0.3 oz.   Width: 4.75" Length: 6.75" Thickness: Approx. 3/16" not compressed.