Billy Baking Kit - 2 Quart (14cm)

Billy Baking Kit - 2 Quart (14cm)

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We've redesigned the square pan so that the existing bread pan now fits in the square pan for better storage.  Now both pans can actually store inside the pot! 

Designed for dry baking in the Firebox Billy pots!

Baking kit includes: Bread pan, Square pan, lightweight tongs, regular lifter, roof rack, small smoker rack (use as oven rack to hold pan).

Baking Horizontaly May Cause Warpage. Small amounts of oval can be straightened by hand, more severe cases require mechanical force. 

These four tips will help you avoid problems: #1- Don't be in a hurry, a small amount of flame is plenty. If using a Trangia keep the simmer ring on. Even if it's fully open it will lower the temp to a reasonable level. #2 Use rocks or equivalent thermal mass inside the oven, they will help regulate the temp. #3- Use a thermometer so you know when to lay off the heat.

Weight of kit: 4.6 oz.