Baddest Bee Fire Fuse with Snuffer

Baddest Bee Fire Fuse with Snuffer

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This is an awesome Fire fuse / wick.  Each tube contains 8 wicks. It is made by Epiphany Outdoor gear who also makes the Bellows.  What I like is that it can start a fire so many ways, even when wet and can withstand some breeze.  Cloyd W. turned me on to the snuffer tube to snuff out the fire and preserve the remaining fuse for later.  It can also control the flame size by allowing full open, half open.  We will include the snuffer for free with each purchase.

NOTE: The snuffer only works for the first half of the length of the fuse, and the metal can get hot to the touch so always practice fire safety. The last bit of the fuse should be used as a disposable fire starter without the snuffer tube.

Can be lit with a spark from a lighter, mag striker, or a lighter.  Cut a small 1" disposable piece if you want to just let it burn to get your fire going or just use it like a lighter and snuff it out when you're done. 

Weight: 0.7 oz.