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Suprema Goatskin Bota
  • Manufacturer: Bushcraft Spain
  • Product Code: Goatskin Bota
  • Availability: In Stock
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  • Made with authentic goatskin.

  • Reinforced seam by triple stitching. 

  • Cord for carrying, very comfortable to wear and silent while walking. 

  • Two versions available to fit your needs. 

The traditional Spanish bota is made with authentic goatskin of the highest quality, clean of stains and cuts and vegetable tanned using a traditional process. Reinforced seam by triple stitching. Bakelite upper closing ring, totally hermetic. With a cord for carrying it on the shoulder, it is comfortable to wear and totally silent when walking, ideal for ornithologists, nature photographers, hunting activity and campers in general.

Its classic design has survived millennia with few variations, today Spain is one of the few countries where you can still find these handicrafts that Ernest Hemingway fell in love with.

The Three Z.Z.Z. company is the number one brand in Spain and the world, making handmade botas since 1873.

There are two versions of the classic bota, the straight and the curve; and two types of interior, the pitch (made from pine or juniper resin) and the latex.

Use and Care:

Latex: These will hold any liquid except for hot beverages, so very little to say about it, except that it might smell a bit funny when brand new, as latex usually does. Some people report that adding a bit of baking soda with water removes it, but it will disappear with time naturally.

Spanish Juniper Natural Pitch: This will feel hard, harder than latex that is… because it is an organic and natural interior, as it used to be in the past millennia, it is subject to changes in temperature. 

The pitch will hold wine and spirits very well, water as well, but it is not supposed to be used with sugary and/or carbonated beverages. And in general, should not be used to store water for long periods of time (more than 72h). It will hold alcohol well longer than this, but wine loses properties days after being opened, even in a glass bottle in the fridge.

After having been used to hold beverages, at home (because of the viscosity of the interior) it should be stored horizontally, not hanging nor vertical, and half inflated so the walls of the bota won’t touch and with a shot glass of the grain alcohol of your choice. When needed, it should be emptied before using the new liquid.

Pitch botas come with their walls stuck when new, to unstick them from each other, keep it near a warmth source or under the sun for some time, until it feels much softer, and blow into the hole softly, never forcing the air in. Max pressure? A bit more than the pressure one needs to inflate a balloon.

The botas don’t need any oiling, waxing or hydrating on the outside. The ones made out of natural goatskin (Clásica and Suprema) should ideally not be submerged in water or put in the fridge. 

It sounds like a lot, but really the best way to maintain the bota is just use it frequently.

The method of extraction is similar to this one:

Warmer temps: More malleable. Colder temps: Harder.


1 Liter Straight: 6.5” Wide 11.5 Tall

Weight: 4.9 oz. 

2 Liter Curved: 9” Wide 13 ¼” Tall

Weight: 9.4 oz. 

The dimensions do not change much between straight and curved Bota Bags.


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