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Dog or Goat Pack by Jandd
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  • D-Ring and loop attachments across the top for more storage options. 

  • ½” layer of reticulated foam to cushion the load.

  • Mesh lining on interior sides to help prevent overheating. 

  • Can be used with dogs or goats.


Superior design and quality workmanship make JANND dog packs the finest on the market. Add in some custom additions by Firebox including a D-Ring and loop attachments across the top make this extra special. The dog packs feature a 1/2" layer of reticulated foam and a ventilated mesh lining on the interior side of the packs to cushion the load and help prevent overheating.

I have been taking my pooches backpacking for more than 20 years. I've tried several brands of dog packs finding them to be more of a novelty item, not nearly capable of withstanding the abuse that a dog pack must withstand.  It takes awhile for the dog to learn how to navigate with its new wide load so the packs get slammed into rocks, stumps and anything else in the dogs path which promptly tears apart the cute novelty dog packs generally found online.

I finally found JANND dog packs and have been using the same pack through three companion dogs so far. It's the first dog pack holds up to all the abuse of hiking and is resistant to water from rain or splashing through streams. I've even had a dog "dunk" the pack into the water for a few seconds and all the items inside stayed dry. I worked with JANND to customize these packs to make them perfect for backpacking and I think you'll love what we've come up with.

Is It Rough on the Dog?

As I've said, for years I have backpacked with my dogs.  Many of my YouTube videos feature Ash, my black and white companion.  Sometimes I receive comments such as "carry it yourselves! wimps!", or "animal abuse!".  Our thinking is that if your dog could speak and had the option between going to the kennel for a week or going backpacking with the family, most (definitely mine) would choose the latter, with some expletives relating to the sanity of their owner for even considering the doggie motel option.  

Health and Safety Tips:

If you want a beast of burden, get a goat. Dogs' bodies aren't well suited for carrying weight (check your dog's breed, some are definitely a no no.) Keep their packs as lightweight as possible and use extra caution as they age. Don't bring extra food, only a handful more (per-day) than they would eat at home.  If you're going on an extended trip you may need to carry some of your pups food for them. 

If your breed is prone to hip dysplasia do not use a dog pack on them at all.  Keep the pack light (no more than 10% of the dogs weight); my dogs only carry their own food and sleeping gear and a few convenience items like my map and snacks so I can call them over for quick access to trail necessities.   

If the hiking gets technical or at all dangerous, take off your dog's pack and carry it for them. They tend to bump their packs into obstacles which can cause a fall. When a dog is wearing a pack its overall shape becomes round. If they fall on a steep hill they will roll making it very difficult for them to stop. If I'm bushwhacking down a steep hill I take my dogs packs off for safety. The pack can throw off their balance which can be a recipe for your dog falling. If there is a good traversing trail and it seems safe, I let them carry on.

There's a common rub spot to watch for behind/under their front legs. Check this spot quite often, especially on expended downhill sections and or after making pack adjustments. Trust me, you'll feel terrible to find they've become rubbed raw. Safety is always top priority, watch out for your pup.

Field Notes & Fitting:

After you have chosen the proper size pack for your dog, you will need to determine the correct length of each webbing strap.  Make sure to double the loose end back through the corresponding slip-lock buckle to lock it in place.  Excess webbing can be cut and the webbing ends melted with flame.  Make sure to leave at least a 2 inch webbing tail.  We recommend getting the dogs used to the packs by filling them with light loads and going for short walks on familiar terrain. As for how much weight a particular dog should carry, we recommend consulting your veterinarian. Until you have the vet's recommendation, we suggest not exceeding 10% of the dog's weight.

Much to our surprise, we have been receiving more and more reports, mostly from the pacific northwest of goats using JANND dog packs.  We think this is a great idea as long as they travel on land where grazing is allowed.  Goats, it appears, are more sure-footed than dogs, will carry more weight, don't chase rabbits or jump into lakes, and will eat practically anything, sorry Fido.  Of course, when it comes to companionship and who makes a better foot warmer next to the campfire at the end of the day, we think dogs are the hands down winners.

Dog/Goat Pack Dimensions and Sizing:


Dog Size: Up to 25 lbs/ 11 kg

Volume: 350 ci/ 6 ltr per pair

Dimensions: 6.5 x 8.5 x 3 (in) 17 x 22 x 8 (cm) per side

Weight: 23 oz/ 652 g


Dog Size: Up to 60 lbs/ 27 kg

Volume: 922 ci/ 15 ltr per pair

Dimensions: 9.75 x 11.5 x 4 (in) 25 x 29 x 10 (cm) per side

Weight: 25 oz/ 710 g per pair


Dog Size: Over 60 lbs/ 27 kg - This is what I use on my goats! Dogs would have to be St. Bernard or English Mastiff size for this pack.

Volume: 1243 ci/ 20 ltr per pair

Dimensions: 10.75 x 13.5 x 4 (in) 27 x 34 x 10 (cm) per side

Weight: 30.1 oz/ 850 g per pair

Note: Large dog pack now comes with extra-long webbing. Very large dogs can use the extra webbing, the excess of which should be cut and seared with a flame to prevent fraying.

Material: Dupont Cordura®

Description: The leading edge of our dog pack is cut back at a slight angle to allow the dog more freedom of movement and reduce hang-ups. Next, we eliminated all vertical webbing that could become entangled on branches and other obstacles, and put a low-profile compression strap on the rear edge of the bag. The main body of the pack is 14-oz. Supertex vinyl scrim material; we also added a Cordura® top with a storm-flapped heavy-duty zipper, and lined the entire bag for outrageous durability and abrasion-resistance. For the suspension, we chose 2" polypropylene webbing for its soft hand and wickability; there are three straps across the bag and one at the chest, which serves as a low-profile compression strap. There are also two bottom straps with side squeeze buckles for easy adjustment-one for the chest and the other for the belly. The Kelev dog packs also feature a 1/2" layer of reticulated foam and a ventilated mesh lining on the interior side of the packs to cushion the load and help prevent overheating. A D-ring on the top of the bags allows a leash to be attached. (Note: It is not recommended to carry more than 10% of the dog's weight unless approved by the dog's veterinarian). The Firebox custom edition includes strap mounts across the top so you can attach a small rolled bed.

Jandd Lifetime Guarantee:

All products manufactured by Jandd are guaranteed to the original purchaser for his or her lifetime against defects in materials and workmanship. This warranty does not cover damage resulting from normal wear and tear, improper care, accident, abuse, or alteration. This warranty also does not apply to seconds and closeout merchandise.

For warranty service, please hand wash your bag(s) thoroughly with warm soapy water before sending. Allow product to air dry; do not use a dryer. Include a note detailing the location and nature of the problem. Damage resulting from normal wear and tear, improper care, accident, abuse, or alteration will be evaluated and repaired at our discretion for a nominal fee. Please enclose $5 for first-class return shipping and handling and mail to:

Jandd Mountaineering, Inc.

ATTN: Warranty/Repairs Department

2335 Paseo de Las Americas Ste C

San Diego, CA 92154


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