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Gen2 Titanium Nano X-Case Kit
  • Manufacturer: Folding Firebox
  • Product Code: Gen2 Titanium Nano X-Case Kit
  • Availability: In Stock
$74.99 $85.00


  • Multi-fuel versatility and stable stand / ash pan.

  • No assembly, hinged construction (a true folding stove).

  • Case provides room for storing additional accessories.

  • Proprietary cross-feed fuel delivery system.

  • Adjusts to fit small cups or large pans.

  • Fits in your shirt pocket.

The X-Case Kit compliments the Nano function in every way, giving the Nano a nice sturdy place to stand on desert sand or the soft forest floor with a great wind block.

Nano Stove: Owners often refer to it as a "Gem of a stove" It's an expression of genuine admiration for a product with simple sophistication. It’s surprisingly able to do so much with so little, earning its place in backpacks around the world.

X-Case: Besides being an awesome case to protect your nano, the X-Case also performs as a stabilizer and an ash pan for your nano using the X grooves which are built in. It also has room for storing a Carbon Felt pad which is useful for a variety of purposes including as a wind guard (using the L-Pins and Carbon Felt). Simply clear the area of combustibles, open up the X-Case & Nano, break up a few sticks and you're ready to boil water for coffee or cook up a freshly caught trout dinner!

Carbon Felt: We weren’t out to make something to withstand high winds since a wood fire in high winds is a bad idea regardless of your windscreen. For the amount of wind, which I feel is still safe (to have a wood fire) the Carbon Felt as a wind block works great. If you add the flame guard (sold separately) on the other side it works even better.

L-Pins: These pins are used to create a windscreen using the Carbon Felt and X-Case.

Note: Fire safety is the responsibility of the person lighting the fire.

Dimensions of Stove:

Width: 3.0"

Height: 4.75"

Folded: .25"

Weight: 4 oz.

Ti Nano X-Case Kit Weight: 6.5 oz.

Made in PRC.




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