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Bacon and Eggs
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  • 2 pieces thick bacon per person

  • 1/2 carton of reconstituted hungry jack dehydrated potatoes (If you want to, bring a ziploc bag to save the other half of the carton of hash browns, still dry, for a later meal.)

  • 2 eggs per person

    1. Cook bacon and remove from pan.

    2. Add reconstituted potatoes to grease. Cook potatoes until golden brown.

    3. When potatoes are almost done push them to the side to make room for eggs.

    5. Add eggs to the pan and cook however you like them.

    6. Put bacon back in the pan to warm it and then eat up.

Bacon tips

  • Buy thick good quality and start cooking it on a cold pan. When sizzling of the bacon decreases lower the heat because it will start cooking faster.



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