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Frying Pan Mess Kit - Large
  • Product Code: 10" Frying Pan Kit
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NOTE:  The 10" aluminum pie pan originally sourced for this kit has been discontinued by the manufacturer. After a great deal of searching, we found a suitable substitute which is made of the same sturdy thickness of aluminum and fits into the fry pan. The differences are, this new pan isn't anodized and isn't quite as deep (by 1/4") so the cutting board no longer fits in the bottom of the pie pan, however the cutting board can be stored below the pie pan inside the fry pan then everything still fits perfectly inside the Cordura case.

This combination of gear creates amazing versatility!

I love pulling off really good camping food and this cook kit will do it all. It's a covered fry pan, a one quart pot, and a new kind of Dutch Oven. All while being made of a sturdy gauge of aluminum.

Lightweight, durable, versatile & being made of aluminum makes it very forgiving, so your camp food will turn out perfect!

This is an awesome Frying Pan Kit. It comes with everything you need in a convenient compact system and is much more useful than a traditional mess kit.



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