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Flint and Steel Striker
  • Product Code: Steel Strker
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$9.99 $14.99

This hand-forged striker is easy to carry and fits nicely in your hand for easy use making it the ideal tool for any hardcore bushcrafter or even the occasional camper. (Sold individually. Picture shows 3 strikers only to display variations in the hand-forged product).


  • Hand Forged Steel Striker
  • 3 Pieces of Premium Georgetown Flint (sizes vary)
  • White Cloth Storage Bag

Premium Georgetown Texas Flint:

Prehistoric knappers recognized that Georgetown flint was a truly superior material. Numerous artifacts including very large and especially thin bifaces were made from this material, some found at sites hundreds of miles from the source. For instance, several of the large Gahagan knives that were included as Early Caddo grave offerings are made of Georgetown. The material is also known from Clovis caches dating to 11,000 B.C (or earlier) and in archeological contexts dating throughout prehistoric times.

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