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Fire starting

One high-quality clay palm rock for bow drill fire starting. 2.5 inches wide by almost an inch thick..
Essential for emergency preparedness! Waterproof and hold a flame even in windy conditions. Burn hot..
Fixed blade knife with 1/8-inch (3.2 mm) thick stainless steel blade Blade Thickness: 0.125" (3..
Ferrocerium 'flint' and steel striker in one small, lightweight package. Superior striker design aid..
The Storm lighter has a waterproof casing that has been tested in rigorous marine enviro..
V3-Pocket Bellows: (extends to 20" & collapses to 3.5"): Equally effective as the V2-Pocket Bell..
This hand-forged striker is easy to carry and fits nicely in your hand for easy use making it the id..
$9.99 $14.99
Comes with a genuine Doan Magnesium bar (recognized as the best quality) wi..

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The Fuel Flask is 6.25" (16cm) X 3"(7.5cm) weight: 31 grams.   This 8 oz polyethylene..

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The factory new Trangia Burners have A crimped connection that sometimes leaks. Solder s..
This gas burner runs on standard butane cartridges. High efficiency, easy control. Please leav..
**Available while supplies last**Very versatile in the fact that you can burn gel fuels, solid fule ..
Fuel bottle with a safety valve.-0.5 Liter bottle- weight: 3.35/4.06/5.64 oz ..
The Pathfinder Stove works well in the 5" Firebox.  It is a 3 piece set which nests together fo..
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