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Cooking accessories

Two Sporks attach together for cooking or serving, then enjoy the meal with the spork(s) detached as..
Opening the oven to check on a food's temperature means wasting the cook's time and losing oven temp..
ALSO INCLUDED IN THE COFFEE KIT!The AeroPress coffee maker utilizes a breakthrough in coffee press t..
GSI Outdoors has finally solved the problem of carrying spices into the outdoors. Waterp..
This oven thermometer takes the guess work out of baking. Easy to read Fahrenheit, 50-700 degree ..
GSI's Pivot Tools are the ultimate weapons for whipping up gourmet meals on the trail. Their unique ..
 I wanted a pan lifter that was truly universal. Ours grips the wide rim of our Pie Pans no pro..
 I wanted a pan lifter that was truly universal. Ours grips the wide rim of our Pie Pans no pro..
Awesome for backpacking and car camping!  I love all of the features available for this water f..
Such a versatile item to have on hand.  Go to the video tab to see why this is a great item.5" ..
The ideal utensils for meals-in-a-bag. The handles telescope to store compactly in your pack. Jetset..
Klean Kanteen Wide loop has an extra-wide opening measuring 2.125" for easy filling..
BPA-free eco-friendly, doesn't retain or leach flavors, 100% stainless steel interior. Dishwasher sa..
The Fuel Flask is 4" (10 cm) X 2.25"(6 cm) weight: 10 grams.   This 8 oz polyethylene..
The 4 oz Fuel Flask is 5.25" (13.5cm) X 2.75"(6.5cm) weight: 18 grams.   This 4 ..
The Fuel Flask is 6.25" (16cm) X 3"(7.5cm) weight: 31 grams.   This 8 oz polyethylene..
All-in-one 11 piece kitchen set that has every utensil you need for a gourmet expedition. Pivoting t..
Colors May Vary.  We carry Orange, Lime green or Blue.  You may request a particular color..
*Due to the size of this item, international orders will need to be quoted for shipping c..
Small:   Weight: 1 oz  (28 g)   Length: 7.5"  (19 cm)   Width: 0.75..
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