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Garlic Butter Steak & Shrimp
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  • 4-5 cloves of Garlic.

  • 2 Lemons.

  • ¼-½ cube of Butter.

  • 7 Large Shrimp (or whatever size you prefer)

  • 1 Steak.

  • White rice (not minute rice).

  • Salt & Pepper

1. Using the cowboy plate cook rice according to package instructions.

2. Put steak in camp plate on top of cowboy plate (it acts as a lid for the rice), cover camp plate with the Firebox fry pan.

3. While the steak and rice are cooking cut up the 4-5 cloves of garlic into smaller pieces and cut lemons in half.

4. When steak is done to your liking add it to the rice in the cowboy plate with the drippings. Cover with camp plate to keep warm, remove and set aside.

5. In the fry pan add butter and garlic. Cook this mixture for a minute until butter is melted and then add your pieces of Shrimp to the top of the mixture.

6. Add salt, pepper and lemon juice on top of the shrimp and cook thoroughly.

7. Cut up cooked steak and add it to the shrimp mixture to warm back up.

8. Once the steak is warm enough add the rice in the cowboy plate back to the fire and warm it up with the steak and shrimp poured over it. 9. Add more lemon to the mixture and enjoy!!



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