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Bushcraft & Camping

Camping supplies for  Bushcraft, in the Great Outdoors, or Ultralight, Backpacking, while Hiking, Paddeling, Hunting, or Fishing.

Hand crafted from all natural ingredients. Designed to soothe, nourish and protect your skin.&n..
Hand crafted from all natural ingredients. Designed to soothe, nourish and protect your skin.&n..
Works well and is designed for use with the Oilskin Tarp.Multi-use functionality.Reinforced and long..
Waterproof sturdy oilskin construction. Packs small when folded. Easy to assemble using 3 ..
Multi-function, bring one piece of gear rather than three.Use as a hammock, ground cloth, shelter an..
Use this shelter as a shelter, hammock, ground cover. Has snaps so poncho quilt accessories can..
Heavy duty canvas bag included for storage.Shovel made from 420 stainless steel and handle from 6063..
Use any Lindal valve stove with adapter. Save money with option for Coleman-style canisters. Works w..
Start rolling fires w/ wet or dry firewood in minutes.Collapses to 3.5" with a 0.8 cm width for easy..
Freezer, microwave and dishwasher safe. Can be used as a small/large bowl or small/large cup.&n..
Hand forged striker. Ideal for any hardcore bushcrafter or occasional camper. Fits nicely ..
Can be used in the backcountry or at home.Available in several models to fit your needs.Made from du..
Open and close with only one hand. Great for small camping items or anything at home.Transparen..
Awesome for backpacking and car camping!  I love all of the features available for this water f..
Such a versatile item to have on hand.  Go to the video tab to see why this is a great item.Dia..
19 loops on all four sides and along the center of tarp. Layer of wax and oil makes tarp waterp..
Stax click together for organization and transportation. Leak-tight lid with removable ClipHand..
18/8 Stainless Steel construction.Electropolished interior, a safe & non-toxic process, and roun..
This is an awesome Fire fuse / wick.  Each tube contains 8 wicks. It is made by Epiphany Outdoo..
Replacement water Filter for the BeFree sytem by Katadyn...
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