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Our Story

Specialized outdoor gear--engineered to be practical, reliable, durable and versatile. Designs born from 40 yrs. of camping experience to enhance your time in nature, never distracting from it. 

"You may have watched some of my camping videos on social media where I go to amazing wilderness places, sometimes with my family, other times with my animal companions Ash, Juni, Bill and Levi. My love for the outdoors started nearly 40 years ago. I had an awesome scout master who took us to epic high country destinations. I fell in love with being a part of the wild. I love that mother nature is in charge and my ability to exist is solely dependent upon the knowledge in my head and the gear on my back. Being an inventor by nature, I'm always thinking of how to improve the camping experience--what will I do differently on my next trip--tinkering and analyzing. I design and source the products that I want for myself. I personally test them on my backcountry trips to be sure they improve the camping experience and hold up to the rigors of the outdoors." Steve 

When you choose to purchase from Firebox Outdoors, you'll be supporting a fellow member of the outdoor community. We are a cottage business committed to providing premium gear you'll enjoy--products that work well and are long lasting. Smart solutions you'll be proud to own!