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Bread Pan - Small
  • Product Code: FDBP14
  • Availability: In Stock


  • Easy release and clean up.

  • Heats faster and cools quicker.

  • Even heating - NO hot spots!

  • Will NEVER rust, chip, flake or peel.

  • Temperature rated to 550° F.

  • Hand wash recommended.

The secret to a perfectly-baked loaf is the pan. Anodized aluminum ensures that your bread bakes evenly, resulting in a higher rise and golden brown crust, and quicker cooling to prevent over-baking. All of our bread pans are seamless with straight sides and rolled rims for durability. The durable, non-reactive finish allows for baking a wide variety of recipes, including yeast and quick breads, and citrus-based and savory recipes. 

Weight: 3.5 oz. 

DImensions: 6" X 3 1/4"


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