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Have your coffee and drink it too! Don't settle for instant when you can have the best coffee ever in the ambiance of your favorite places!  This is all top quality gear that fits together perfectly for premium coffee on the go. 


Easy clean up too! Just rinse your cup, the filter basket and the end of the plunger.



        14cm stainless steel billy can bush pot with inner pan and our exclusive (pat pend) handle locking system

        Two piece 500wt Cordura pot case (color may vary within green tones)

        The AeroPress coffee maker a year's supply of filters and accessories.

        The infinity backpacker insulated mug and sipper lid 3.5 oz


For more information on optional items see these links: 


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    •    TOAKS Titanium 600ml Space Saver Cup / Pot (nests perfectly with the Infinity backpackers mug)

    •    Olicamp space saver cup (nests tightly with the Infinity backpackers mug) 

    •    Trangia gas burner




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