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  • Frying Pan Kit
  • Frying Pan Kit
  • Frying Pan Kit
  • Frying Pan Kit
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This combination of gear creates amazing versatility! 

I love pulling off really good camping food and this cook kit will do it all. It's a covered fry pan, a one quart pot, and a new kind of Dutch Oven. All while being made of a sturdy gauge of aluminum, which is anodized sealing the aluminum with a layer of durable aluminum oxide which also adds strength!
Lightweight, durable, versatile & being made of aluminum makes it very forgiving, so your camp food will turn out perfect!

This is an awesome Frying Pan Kit. It comes with everything you need in a convenient compact system and is much more useful than a traditional mess kit. 

The kit includes:

·      GSI Frying Pan (8” or 10”)

·      Heavy Duty Camping Plate / Pie Pan (twice as thick as a typical pie tin) anodized aluminum.

·      Carbon Felt

·      500 Denier Heavy Duty Cordura Case with paracord draw.

·      8” Kit weight: 21.4 oz.

·      10” Kit weight: 29.3 oz.



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