1. How do you work this thing? I really LOVE the quality, by the way!

  2. Can you ship to [my location]?
    • Yes we can ship anywhere in the world.

  3. Hi! I Really like this product, but the customs-fee is an arm and a leg over here in Europe. Do you have any retailers in the EU?

  4. What are the best ways to clean the Folding Firebox when done using it?
    • I have used the red cleaning pads and scrubbed it back to a new-ish appearance, but that's a lot of work when it's just going to get the same patina again next time. Now days I just coat it inside and out with whatever oil or fat is available (bacon grease, butter or vegetable oil) I just kinda mop it on with a paper towel then wipe it back off with a fresh paper towel. That cleans off the loose soot and protects the stove from corrosion by leaving a light coat behind.

  5. I had a thought about using the Coleman camp oven to make biscuits and if it would work. Have you used something like this on the firebox?
    • I think it will work great but you will want to use only hot coals to avoid a smoky flavor. You could use some natural charcoal or just really build up your fire up above the top of the Firebox with a lot of fresh fuel all at the same time then just as the flame is almost gone place your oven and start cooking.

  6. I was wondering is that black version available yet, it looks like you I am assuming a 'non-pealing' black paint on there. I am ready to buy right now!, but just thought it would be good to get a black version in the 5" Master Combo kit.
    • That black Firebox was the very first prototype which was made of mild steel and gunmetal blued. All our current stove models are Stainless Steel.

  7. So I have been watching videos about the 5 inch Firebox and I have noticed that you can only feed the fire from the top of the box. Is it better to be be fed from the top or better from the side like the nano firebox?
    • It's not really about one way being better that the other. Side feeding is a way of controlling, metering or regulating the fuel into the burn chamber which makes sense for a small stove like the Nano which by the way can be top fed as well.

      The 5" Firebox was designed for versatility so you can run a small efficient fire or you can load it up for use as a full blown camp fire.

      Generally when a stove can only be fed through a side port it's combustion air capacity has been calibrated to handle that specific amount of fuel that will fit through the side feed port.

      For the big Firebox I like top feeding because it's easy, and the sticks are placed on top of the fire where they will get hot and start contributing to the fire faster, they also get set criss crossed gently so the fire can remain loose so air can flow freely. Some feeding methods actually compress the fire blocking the airflow.

      For the Nano the side feed makes sense because it's small and low so feeding from the top can be a bit awkward (if your using a bigger pan). The Nano can also run with the Fire Grate in the up position so it won't clog the airflow with hot coals. If I'm using a small pot or cup I'll probably opt to top feed the Nano. If I'm planning to run the Nano for a long duration I would side feed with the Grate up.

      In the end I like versatility. And both the Nano and the Firebox can be used either way.

      Hope that helps.

  8. Will the Firebox Nano fit in the Stainless Steel cooking pot?
    • Yes, the Nano does fit in the Stainless Steel Pot.

  9. I see different stoves in the net. One with long slots on 2 sides, and one type only with the 4 sided holes. Which one is the actual model and what other differences are there?

  10. Does the 5" Folding Firebox come with a case or is it separate?
    • The 5" Folding Firebox comes in a cotton delivery bag unless ordered as part of a combo kit which specifies the Cordura D-Ring Case.

  11. What size is the hole on the firebox boil plate?
    • The diameter of the hole in the boil plate is 3 7/8" (9.84 cm)

  12. I do not have a Paypal account and I do not wish to open one just for this single purchase. Is there any way to make the purchase through you but without Paypal?
    • You don't need a Paypal account in order to purchase through our website. Just proceed normally through the checkout instructions, and when you get to the Paypal page, just look below the Paypal login form - there is a button which says "Don't have a Paypal account?" Pressing this button will allow you to use any credit/debit card. 
    • Does the purchase of a Firebox come with two fire sticks? Do I need to purchase the fire sticks seperately?
      • The Firebox comes with 2 Fire Sticks and an Ash Pan.

    • Can the Folding Firebox stove be used for Tipi tent heating?
      • I don't have any experience personally, but I have had people tell me that the Firebox works great for this application becasue it radiates a lot of heat in all directions. I do need to say for safety: NEVER use the Firebox anywhere you wouldn't use an open fire.

    • I am just wondering if the firebox could be used with a dutch oven?
      • Yes the Firebox works great with a dutch oven.