Carbon Felt / Ash Cloth / Stove Support for sand or soft soil. (Direct contact with flames  or hot coals will degrade this material)
Price: $3.99
Brand: Folding Firebox
Product Code: Carbon Felt
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16oz Heat resistant carbon felt, useful as an ash catcher (For non-flammable / non-damageable surfaces only.) wind block or hot pad.

6"x7.5" size is perfect as a liner for the Firebox Nano Leather Case.

7.5"x12" size is perfect as a liner for the 5" Firebox Stove Leather Case.

It also solves the problem that portable stoves have of sinking into soft soil or sand. 

  • Weight:  Approx 0.4oz, 0.6oz, 0.9oz, 1.2oz. 
  • Width:  6" -7.5"(15.2 cm - 19.05cm)
  • Length:  6" - 12" (15.2 cm - 30.5 cm)
  • Thickness: Approx 3/16" (4.5mm) not compressed.


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