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5" Accessory Kit
The Folding Firebox Accessory Kit includes the Grill Plate, the Boil P..
$21.97 $19.99
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G2-5" Folding Firebox Stove
Thanks to the feedback from our awesome customers I've been able to add several new..
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 GSI Bugaboo Frypan
Built from the highest-quality restaurant grade blacks for gourmet quality, superior performanc..
( OUT OF STOCK ) - GSI Anodized Tea Kettle
Durable, ultra-lightweight design. Convenient, efficient size. Superior heating characteristics for ..
3" Nano Premium D-Ring Carrying Case
This is our premium carrying case for your 3" Folding Firebox Nano. It is made of abrasi..
3M Scotch Brite Red Cleaning Pad
6" x 4.5" Aluminum Oxide Cleaning Pad for cleaning your Folding Firebox stoves and ..
5" Adjustable Fire Grate
The Adjustable Fire Grate fits down into the Firebox resting..
5" Boil Plate
Clips securely onto the top of the Folding Firebox camping stove, converting the Firebox..
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5" Extended Grill Plate
The 5" Extended Grill Plate is as wide as the Firebox is tall, giving you m..
5" Extended Grill Plate and Adjustable Fire Grate
The 5" Extended Grill Plate is as wide as the Firebox is tall, giving you more grilling versatility...
$17.98 $14.99
5" Grill Plate
Attaches to the top of the Firebox creating a great grilling surface f..
5" Heavy Duty Double Layer D-Ring Carrying Case
New and improved!  The Heavy Duty Double Layer D-Ring Carrying Ca..
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5" Polyester Carrying Case ("Blue Bag")
Light duty coated polyester carrying case with velcro closure and D-ri..
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8 oz Alcohol Fuel Flask
The Fuel Flask is 6.25" (16cm) X 3"(7.5cm) weight: 31 grams.   This 8 oz polyethylene..
AeroPress Coffee Maker
The AeroPress coffee maker utilizes a breakthrough in coffee press technology to yield the smoo..